How To: Setup PLDT DSL With Wireless Router

I’ve been planning on getting the house Wi-Fi enabled for the past few months now and have only been able to purchase a wireless router just last weekend.  Got tired of seeing too many cables lying around so I got rid of those and went the Wi-Fi way.  Plus, I don’t want to add another network cable for my new toy coming next week.  I had the entire setup planned months ago but to my surprise it didn’t work like I expected.  Searching around Google for instructions and guides turned up nil so here’s a guide to help those that are having the same problems that I had setting up a wireless network.

Note: This how-to is only for those that are on PLDT myDSL’s legacy lines.  How would you know if you’re on a legacy line?  Legacy lines are those still using PPPoE/PPPoA connection protocols (or in more simple terms, you still need a username/password to get connected).

I have a Linksys WRT54G for a wireless router but this should work for most routers out there as well.  If you’re on a legacy line then most likely you’ll have a ZyXeL modem/router that was provided by PLDT together with your DSL.  Make sure your PC is connected to the ZyXeL modem first then proceed below.

  1. Access the web control panel of your ZyXeL modem by typing in the IP address of your modem in a browser.  (i.e.
  2. Login to the web control panel (default username/password: admin/1234) of the modem and go to the WAN settings.
  3. Change the settings to the following and save:
    • Routing mode: Bridge
    • Encapsulation: RFC 1483
    • Multiplex: LLC
  4. Disconnect the ZyXeL modem from your PC and connect it to the WAN/Internet port of your wireless router (refer to the manual of your wireless router to locate the Internet/WAN port).
  5. Connect your PC to one of the ports in your wireless router. Your setup should look something like this now: DSL -> ZyXeL modem -> Wi-Fi Router -> PC
  6. Now you need to access the web control panel of your wireless router the same way you accessed the ZyXeL modem.  With mine, the default ip address of the router was and the default username/password is <blank>/admin (just leave the username blank).
  7. Once you’re in the control panel, set the connection protocol to PPPoE/PPPoA and input the username and password of your DSL account.  Your username should be in this format: xxxxx@pldt.  Call PLDT if you don’t know your username and password.
  8. Now here’s the most important part.  Make sure you change the IP address of your wireless router so that it will not be the same with your ZyXeL modem and make sure they’re in the same network.  (i.e.  your ZyXeL modem’s IP is, change your wireless router’s IP to
  9. Save the changes you’ve made.
  10. Now go to the Wireless settings of your wireless router and enable it.  Provide any necessary information needed like SSID and such.  Make sure to turn on the security for your Wi-Fi by using either WPA or WEP to avoid someone hacking into your router.
  11. Save the changes and you should be ready to surf wirelessly anywhere as far as the router’s signal can take you. ^^

Some tips for your new wireless router:

  • Make sure to change the default username/password of your wireless router.
  • I suggest using WPA or WPA2 for your wireless security as it makes hacking a lot harder than WEP.
  • Also, try adding a MAC Address filter to prevent unauthorized PCs from connecting to your access point.
  • Disable SSID broadcasting so that others will not see your wireless router (including you I’m afraid).  Since you know your SSID you can easily connect to it anyway.
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87 Responses to “How To: Setup PLDT DSL With Wireless Router”

  1. Marion Says:

    hi. this is a very helpful article and i breezed right through it. my wireless connection is flawless.

    my problem is, i’m connecting 2 computers, with wires and wirelessly. is there a possibility that i could do that? i seem to connect through net wirelessly alright. but my other connection (with the wires) is gone. hope you can email me. i need your help. thanks. :D

  2. Kim Says:

    i thought enabling ssid broadcasting is safer..

  3. mark-antoine Says:

    how about kung eto problem ko:

    -my modem: zyxel p-600r-d1 (from pldt)
    -di PPPoE account ko (ala me username and password, automatic lang pag connect ng cat4 sa pc may internet na)
    -i can access the zyxel modem by assigning a static ip, subnet, standard gateway and dns pero when i do this, there are 2 problems:
    1. ala me internet connection
    2. sa web gui ng modem, walang ibang option aside from exiting. status report lang. so di ko ma configure yung modem, naka bridge mode cya. gusto ko sana switch to routing mode para magamit ko tong cd-r king na wireless router(na very cheap^^)

    can someone pls help me find a way to set up a wireless network with internet connectivity under these circumstances? possible ba? i was thinking, kung bridge yung modem ng pldt, ano dapat mode ng cd-r king router, gateway ba?

    i hope somebody knows a viable solution. i’m sure a lot of people have the same problem. the pldt support call center agents arent of much help. in the first place, di ko gets why pldt disabled access to the modem.

    1 call center agent told me pa pala, kase daw, dapat isng pc lang naka connect sa account. omg…

    peace out people^^

  4. balong Says:

    I tried following your how-to however router still does not give me internet access.

    When I press connect in the router setup status page, a message pops up saying cannot find a signal from the pppoe server.

    what could be the solution?


  5. CHokie Says:

    Can anyone help please.. i have a similar problem.. the thing is.. I have a PLDT plan 990.. so wla xang username password.. and ung modem from PLDT is Zyxel na p-600 series.. p-600r-d1 ung exact model nya.. ngaun nka router function na xa.. kc napansin ko, may DHCP xa.. nag babato xa ng automatic na IP.. 124.83.x.x.. I have 2 computers.. hard wired connected.. meron ako 8 port na switch.. ngayon nka connect xa sa Zyxel.. internet connection between 2 computers are fine.. ngayon ang problem… meron ako laptop na may wifi.. sa third floor ko xa gagamitin.. papano ako mag lalagay ngayon ng wireless router.. e ung Zyxel ehh nka modem/router function.. help naman please.. gs2 ko sana try i-bridge.. kso bka ma mess up ko ung connection.. balak ko reset ung Zyxel.. ano ba mganda gawin d2?? help naman jan mga techies!!!

  6. nishant Says:

    i changed the ip of my dsl modem to connect it to wireless router but now i have forgotten my ip … can i change the settings of my modem now….???

  7. maverick Says:

    hello!got a linksys wireless-n wag325n router..and my pldt mydsl account dont have any username and pw..ISP said that it is automatically connected to the system. the problem now is once i setup this on 1384 bridged option, gateway requires me a VCI/VPI number which range 0-255..what number should I input on the router? pldt technicians dont know these things..thanks!

  8. World of Elegance Says:


  9. Fin Says:

    Hey Bele,
    You’re a star! Spent ages with this–couldn’t connect–found this article. Saved me!

  10. Cody Says:

    i guess this post would be a bit late for others but here goes…

    like what bele posted, you have a legacy dsl acct if you have a username and pw to connect to the internet. it is configured in your modem. you are using the PPPoE / PPPoA protocol.

    if you don’t need to put in a username and pw to connect to the internet, then you don’t have the legacy account. you are then using the DHCP (to be technical and for comparison) protocol. if you have this setup for your acct, then everything is plug and play for the router. you dont need to do anything about the modem. just follow the instructions that came in w/ router. if there is no manual, just go to the web gui of the router and set the connection to DHCP or set it to automatically obtain everything automatically. and you’ll be able to surf w/ the router in the setup. =)

  11. bryce Says:

    hi, I just bought Cd rking wireless router for my wireless enabled laptop. Here is the problem, I tried to configure that wireless so many times, always referring to the manual that comes with the cd.before I configured it, my PSP connects well to the internet, and Im glad that it did well. My laptop also got connected to the internet using the cable connected from the wireless router to my laptop. And when I unplugged the cable, It can detect the signal coming from the wireless router, but, I can’t connect to the internet! Why is that? I tried to configure it but everything changed! I can’t connect to the internet when I try to connect it thru cable, and my psp also cannot connect to he wifi. Everything has changed! No matter how many times that I try to configure the router, the problem still exists. Im desperate now to have a wifi at home. pls help me.

  12. Emma Says:

    Hello there, Any ideas on conecting a wireless router to a modem, after changing it to bridge, if the wireless router doesn’t support PPPoA, but the ISp requires PPPoA? (I have a netgear DM111PSP and a D-Link DI-624 wireless router)

    The modem came ready supplied and ready to go, but uses PPPoA. I have all the details I need, but can’t find any info anywhere of how to access the internet with the wireless, if the ISP need PPPoA, and the wireless router doesn’t support this?

    Any ideas anyone? I’m completely stuck! :(

  13. merx Says:

    thx man. you almost saved me :D… it do have internet now, thanks sa info.

    pero may problem pa rin, may 5 IP na binigay ang ISP namin. Can I make use of this setup para magamit ung 5 IP?

    Thanks !!

  14. Josh K Says:

    I’m looking for a good network blog,Nice information.

  15. dennis v Says:

    can anyone help me, I have a PLDT plan 990.. so walang username password.. and dinamic yong IP. ung modem from PLDT is a dareglobal DB108 ADSL2. ang router ko ay “tenda w541R”. kapag directly naka connect yong modem sa PC may nakukuha akong ip pero pag ikinabit ko na sa router walang makuhang IP sa WAN side ng router. so kahit ma configure ko ang wireless side hindi naman ako maka surf sa net. the modem is in bridge mode. the router is functioning well when we tested it sa store using their PLDT DSL connection.

  16. SpEnSeR Says:

    whats really the format of the USERNAME and PASSWORD?

    username = phone number?
    password = account number?

    am i right?
    please help..

  17. ric Says:

    Can anyone help me? Hi i got a dsl zyXEL P-600series modem connected to a wrt45g router. I have a cable connection from my Desktop and Laptop(Asus x51R series) and the internet connection is fine for both computers(using ethernet cable). But for my laptop, I wanted to use a wireless connection but my laptop can’t find the SSID and now im still using a cable for my laptop to connect to the internet. Is there a hardware compatibility problem? or The in router’s configuration?

  18. Jakeboy Says:

    Hi there,

    I my problem is I cannot access my zyxel 600 modem using, and also I still need to use my computer to connect my modem to the ISP otherwise I will have no internet access. When I click the LAN icon in the system tray, the status message is Limited connectivity and the ip address is

    Hope you can help me. Thanks a lot.

  19. wulf Says:

    vpi/vci should be set to auto detect since we dont know the PVC scheme of PLDT
    should be pppoe
    ip that you have to pu tther should be your gateway ip
    you can get it from CMD then type ipconfig
    just try

  20. Hiimmarko Says:


    im having the same problem., i will try this and soon to get back to leave some comment., thanks for the info.,


    Hi! im having the same problems since last night. I thought DSL was just acting up but when i plugged out the internet cable from the router linksys wrt54g and plugged it directly to my mac, it works just fine.

    i tired resetting the router and clicking the cisco button in front of the router but still nothing helped :(

    i hope someone can help me. i cannot access through my linksys. i tried connecting the internet cable to the linksys and then placing a cable from the ethernet cable number 1 to my laptop and still no connection.

    so my conclusion is that the pldt modem cannot feed internet to the linksys router.
    can someone pls help?
    thank you

  22. answer Says:

    Connect your comp to the DSL router by ethernet cable and press the little reset button at its rear for 10 seconds.

    It should reset to factory default and you can then log into it through

    username = admin
    password = 1234

  23. sweetgemini Says:

    How would I know if I’m using PPPoE/PPPoA?

  24. Alex Says:

    Ayaw gumana ng sa first step eh, tinry ko na lahat ng possible IP address ng modem. Ayaw pa rin, help!

  25. cocoy Says:

    hi..I guess I am not alone..btw, kung anu anu na ginawa ko para makabit ang wireless router (thomson) dun sa bwisit na modem ng PLDT (zyxel)..lahat na ok pero wala parin internet…ewan ko ba!…naka bridge mode, dhcp enabled at naka detect na dsl,atm, atbp…kaso wala paring net….

    sabi…tawagan daw ang pa reset ang connection…I tried calling once ..bwisit nmn ang call center agent di ako maintindihan..parang di nia ma gets or di nia alam…di ko ma enjoy wireless router ko ..badtrip!

    paano ba talaga yan ??does anyone know?baka may ibang way…

  26. Yamada Says:


    Go first with your modem, ausin mo ung connection, wala na ako masyadong matandaan kasi hindi na legacy connection ang internet namin (unlike before). Anyway, kung hindi mo napapasok ung mismong modem through the default gateway (, if you’re in somewhere manila, reset your modem and reconfigure your VCI to 100 (that’s all you need – tsaka location specific yan). kabit mo ung router mo, tapos ung local IP nang router mo should be in range kung ano ung provided nang modem mo, then set mo lang ung gateway to (if it doesn’t work: so under sa network connections mo, ung provided nang router mo as local IP nang computer mo ( – kung yan nga un), tapos sa gateway, ilagay mo ung gateway address nung nasa router mo (kung or, kung ayaw, auto detect mo nalang muna.

  27. Yamada Says:

    btw, don’t forget to configure ung primary DNS/preferred DNS, eto minsan nakakalimutan kaya walang internet. You can input a specific DNS server for this (openDNS), but if you don’t know what it is, just place the same address of your gateway ( if not,

  28. Blue777Machine Says:

    Kailangan malaman mo muna kung naka modem mode o router mode yung dsl modem mo. Dapat kc sa PLDT naka router mode na yung modem para hindi na mahirapan pa yung mga subscriber. Uso kc ngayon ang wireless router. Para gumana yung router mo kung naka bridge mode yung modem ganito ang gawin mo simple lang Yung modem mo ay may IP na ngayon yung router mo ay gawin mong IP ay para hindi sila conflict. Ang wireless router karamihan ay ang IP address conflict sila ng modem. Kapag hindi ka naka connect subukan mong isunod yung IP Address ng router sa IP ng LAN mo kung ito ay naka modem lang. Halimbawa IP ng LAN ay ito ay galing sa Dynamic IP ng PLDT ngayon gawin mong IP ng router ay Sana makatulong ito sa mga may problema sa pag kabit ng router. Ngayon pag hindi pa naka connect papalitan mo yung modem mo sa PLDT na latest model na modem router na sya 2 in 1. Andun ng lahat wala ka ng i configure doon.

  29. rosse1284 Says:

    hi, san po ba makikita yung WAN? kasi pag nag login na ako yung AP lang ang meron… thou nadedetect na yung pldmydslwifi pero hindi pa din ako maka connect. please help

  30. Chinese Girls Says:

    wireless routers are very necessary nowadays because we do not want so many wires running around the home :**

  31. umasakapa! Says:

    di ba pedeng direct na gamitin ang wireless router ko? keysa sa ibridge ko pa ung connection sa zyxel router to linksys router ko? taena… :D

  32. kuneho Says:

    @umasakapa!: pwede sya… kakabasa ko lang ng thread na to, and na set up ko agad yung Linksys router ko, month na ako nakikipagtalo sa mga operator ng PLDT na madadamot sa tamang configuration…. hindi na ako gumamit ng modem(provided by pldt),…


    sundan mo lang yung set up ni billy. but dont for get this “VC Setting”


    then booom Wifi na!!! ^_^ Happy surfing

  33. dnabale Says:

    Thank u po sa guide.
    please, pa-help naman ano po ba format na ginagamit na username at PW sa PLDT? Naconfigure ko na dati LinkSys router sa bahay, di ko na marecall ginamit kong UN/PW.

    Username: Phone number / PL # / Acct Number ?

    Password: Phone number / PL # / Acct Number ?

    Maraming salamats!

  34. blue Says:

    Why is everybody buying routers from the store? If I am not mistaken, the cheapest wireless router from the store costs not less than 2k. For the same purpose of enabling wifi, pldt offers a wireless router for 600, provided that you are an account holder for pldt, so why buy the costly one, not to mention the headache that many are getting trying to configure their devices?

  35. masterboll Says:

    Edimax tong router ko…. problem ko rin no internet connection… balik muna sa modem ng pldt… masakit rin, nakapagbili pero walang gamit…. hu hu hu…..

  36. Mr.Mister Says:

    short-range ang Edimax. Meron akong Edimax usb wireless adapter, humihina or even lost na ang connection kapag mga 5m away na ako from the signal source.

  37. masterboll Says:

    Edimax … BR6226n …
    150Mbps wireless Broadband Router
    Hindi ito USB adapter…… w/ 2 antennaes

  38. herms Says:

    what is the password?
    (for wifi connection)

  39. michael Says:

    how can i turn it off the wireless of my modem router, pm me asap tnx

  40. GraiLe Says:


    so let me get this straight and correct me if i am wrong as usual hehehe…zyxel p600-r-d1 if u cannot access the standard,..iu have to reset it with the button ast the back , am i right?? and then u can access the standard ??? is the zyxel p600-r-d1 ,, a modem router in 1 already…i am not it should work if i have access to it and port forward my utorrent ,right???

    i have doNe port forwarding with the smartbro connection on my sisters pc AND downloads torrent correctly now….on abroad..when i am in dubai…u have access to your router given by isp..because YOU PAID FOR THE INTERNET SERVICE,,U HAVE THE RIGHT TO HAVE ACCESS TO IT ..RATHER THAN THE INTERNET PEOPLE..IF THEY HAVE ACCESS TO YOUR ROUTER ,,,THEN THEY HAVE ACCESS TO YOUR PC…SO LETS ALL PUSH THEM TO LET CUSTOMERS HAVE ACCESS TO THEIR OWN PRODUCT THAT THEY PAID FOR..

    U SHOULD PORT FORWARD YOUR PLDT MYDSL OR SMRTBRO DSL WHEN YOU ARE DOWNLOADING THRU UTORRENT OR OTHER P2P SOFTWARE… because you do not have the full bandwidth coming through would cut it more than half//
    if they said 1mbps ..if you,re downllaoding a current torrent file with thousand seeders…it shoulld give u a 100kbps/s download…if you,ve done port forwading ..




  41. Fabian Says:

    naka bridging mode ako pero nagagamit ko ung wifi ko na router?:)) gamit kong wifi router is linksys

  42. mend your broken heart Says:

    This is really interesting, You’re a very skilled blogger.I’ve joined your feed and look forward to seeking more of your magnificent post.Also, I’ve shared your site in my social networks!

  43. Elmor Says:

    Mga bro and sis gud day… How about kung ang gamit ko ay Prolink H9300G modem/router. Anyone knows how to configure my modem/router so it will work to my PLDT ADSL… Sana meron d2 na makatulong sa akin kung paano ko configure ung H9300G modem/router ko para makaconnect sa internet… Thanks Guys…. God bless…

  44. hershey Says:

    hi matagal na ko my pldt dsl kaso dial up pa din yun may username and password…nagpunta na ko sa pldt business center sabi sa akin nakagawa na siya ng report mag follow up na lang nun nag follow up wala pa daw ang response ng pldt…yun nakausap kong tsr gumawa siya ng report mag follow daw me ulit nun nagfollow me ulit ang dami na ng dahilan yun mga csr ng pldt connect me sa tsr nun kausap ko na yun agent kesa daw down system daw ako mga 2-3pm…nainis na ko!!!!like ko kasi maglagay ng wifi dito sa house namin nun nag ask me sa pc express di daw pwede magwifi pag dial up…nun tumawag me nun sa pldt ask ko if pwede maglagay me router as wifi kaso dial up ang dsl namin sabi pwede daw…nakakaloka!!!ano ba talaga?buy kasi me ng ibang brand ng router eh so i need the answer pwede o hindi pag pwede paano saka kung pwede ibnag brand sample linksys na router…reply pls!!!!

  45. sam Says:

    may problem po is ang modem na binigay sa amin ng pldt ung modem/router gusto ko sana modem lang para makonek ko sa router namin papaano po ang configuration nung modem/router?

  46. jason Says:

    hi! old modem ko ay may nka connect na router and hub 16 port at gamit ko po 11 pc. ngayon ang problema may bago akong modem from pldt wifi and lan kaso di ko mgamit ang laht na pc ko ,isang pc lng kc di ko mgamit ang hub.. kc ung modem nka set up ip add .. pwede ko ba gamitin ang orig ip add ko? pls pwede po ba i reply d2 ang set up instruction.

  47. dondi Says:

    @kuneho, pre pwede paki share ng ginawa mo kung paano i connect directly yung linksys wag200g wothout using the pldt modem (DSL > Linksys > PC)…..thanks

  48. dondi Says:

    hi…pwedi bang tanggalin ko na lang yung zysel modem ko at palitan ko na lang ng linksys wag200g (or any gateway router). I’m having PLDT mydsl connection right now.

  49. Melz Says:

    Hi.. new here… just bought a CD-R King wireless router. It was working fine a while ago, but when I finished the setup wizard, my connection was gone… I’m connecting via wireless… when I tried to connect again I could no longer detect the wireless from the router… I tried the cable connection from the router to my laptop, but the connection is unstable.. can’t connect most of the time… I tried to directly connect my laptop to the pldt mydsl and the internet is working fine…. I may have done something wrong during setup that’s why I can’t have a connection via my router.. need help.. please advice..

  50. revilo Says:

    hi…. i have a netopia 3347-02 modem router, please help.. the IP is no rj45 input (no WAN) rj11 lang (telephone wire) i cannot connect it with pldt dsl… thanks

  51. MJ Magallanes Says:

    Anong router ba kailangang bilhin? Pwede ba yung nabibili sa CDR King?

  52. Renzo Says:

    Guyz, every router has its own, configure mo lng to accept internet connection from modem..tapos khit DHCP enable mo nlng or assign ka ng static ip following format ung router ip, at ung lst 3 digit un ung unique ID ng bawat pc sa network dapt wlng makapareha or else comflict sa network (this is f mraming pc ang shared internet connection)…f isng pc lng, you just plug it directly from modem to ur pc, no need to get router, set to automatic sa LAN then configure mo ung Account ng bigay sau ng ISP provider..

  53. Jhoy Mañego Says:

    paano po magpalit ng password ng WI-FI sa PLDT myDSL po? tnx po sa sasagot.

  54. Jhoy Mañego Says:

    ska panu po pag walang IP od PN po na nakalagay? paano po mpapalitan ung password?

  55. IhsanBuneri Says:

    Is it possible that “How to find a Modem/Router Model or Brand? even if i m login through teamviewer.
    bcoz my friend use PLDT DSL and i am trying to login to the console page with,,, but i am unable to login to the configuration site. May i know whats the reason?

  56. jean Says:

    papano po ba gumamit ng wifi router?

  57. Jhong Avenido Says:

    Hi guys meron po akong wi fi modem router from pldt and i want to use the port forwarding features nito. but i don’t knw how. can anyone help me regarding this.? thanks many!

  58. lito Says:

    tanong ano po. ba magdagdag po ba kami sa bayaran bulan2x.

  59. janrynel gonzales Says:

    pano nga po magpalit ng password ng wifi? pumasok na kc ako sa tpos nahingi ng username at pssword ano po lagay ko don..tnxs

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  61. rodg Says:


  62. kantun (@kantun6) Says:

    ano iwantv premium password at watchpad

  63. neth Says:

    hi..wat if i forgot my username?

  64. Stephanie Says:

    I have the PLDT 1299 plan which only includes the modem. I’m currently using a Tenda router and my wifi connection is working great. The problem is that I need to change my wifi password again because my daughter gave it to her friends and some neighbors and its slowing my speed down.

    I know that the IP address of the router is but it asks me for a username and a password which I also forgot. Please help.


  65. loidelrosario Says:

    hey. so, the username and password of the router is seen below it dba? i mean the password you use to enter the wifi… My question is, how do you change and personalize the username and password?

  66. Karla Says:

    Hello, I am a newbie here. I just bought a wireless router from CD-R King, WR-NET-021-Zl, I was able to connect it and made the Wifi working without configuration. The thing is, if this is the case, those who are within the 300 meters areas can use the wifi connection. My question is, how do I set up a password? I already send an email to CD-R King but no reply is received up to this date. I tried the instructions in the manual but i it still does no help because I’m from time to time I’m still prompted to enter username name and password, and I got this message, “CD-R KING” says the server. Thank you. Needed reply asap. Thanks again

  67. JDZ Says:


    I just like to know if pwedeng paltan ung router ng PLDT DSL Plan 1299 from PLDT provided router to BELKIN? It seems na hindi nadedetect ng router ko (belkin) ung modem from PLDT.

  68. grace Says:

    hala panu ba yun d ko alam IP adress pti username pti password sows.

  69. rjake Says:

    How can i block some website in our wifi xyxel

  70. drei Says:

    if it requires username and password put in the username your telephone number with the area code but not including the zero for example (02) 7346115 = 027346415 = “27346415” and for the password your pldt account number like 0170013655 remove the zero on the front “170013655”

    there :)

  71. kit Says:

    tanong lng po ko, panu po set up po un ip config ko po? kc po nde po ko mkapag lan games, nde po cla mkapagconnect un mga computers po? kpag siniset ko namn po nawawala po ng connection.. please reply po..tnx

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  73. jb Says:

    hi to all. how to change password and username? thanks a lot :)

  74. mai Says:

    Patulong nmn..I’m setting up a wifi router at home (Tenda W316r) & our internet connection is PLDT mydsl..I thought it’s as simple as the manual says BUT My GOD it’s so frustrating! Ang hirap intindihin..naconfigure ko na pro nawawala ung net s PC tas hindi ako makapasok s wifi.. I tried sum of the advices given above but nothing worked..thank you!

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